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Andrea Bond Johnson

for House District 82
Our Word     Our Bond

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My name is Andrea Bond Johnson and I'm running to represent District 82. Values are what define us and these are the values that define me:



As a CEO, I am a problem solver. I know that being a leader sometime means having to make tough choices. Leadership matters.



“Our word, our bond” is not just a tagline, it’s who I am. I will always honor the commitments I make to the people I represent. You can trust me to always conduct myself with honesty and transparency. Integrity matters.


In my work, I am often providing assistance to people at their most vulnerable moments, and while this can be tough, it’s the most rewarding part of what I do. Compassion matters. 

As your District 82 Representative, I will:

  • Fight to expand Medicaid and bring more healthcare facilities to rural communities

  • Fight for teacher raises and fully funded public schools

  • Fight to bring more employers and good paying jobs to our community

  • Fight to bridge the rural digital divide by prioritizing rural broadband accessibility

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The last day to request an absentee ballot is October 27th. However, if you plan to vote absentee, it is very important that you request your ballot right away, and that, as soon as you receive it, you complete it and mail it back as soon as possible. Ballots received after Election Day, November 3rd, will not be counted.

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