Our community knows Andrea

            Our community trusts Andrea

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"As a third generation educator in rural West Tennessee, I find it imperative to have elected officials who are supportive and who will empower educators to mold our next generation of leaders. Far too often, our children are overlooked for scholastic opportunities due to educational inequities. It is time for our children to receive the education that they deserve. It will take leaders like Andrea Bond Johnson to accomplish this task. I fully support Andrea Bond Johnson as the next Representative for District 82."
James Barbee, Lauderdale County Middle School Assistant Principal

“I support and will vote for Andrea Bond Johnson for State Representative District 82 because she cares and wants to help people. We couldn’t get affordable healthcare until Andrea stepped in and helped, and that meant the world to me. She is honest, caring, and down to earth. She will be the voice of reason and common sense in Nashville.”
Hank Beaird, Owner, Beaird Farms; Crockett County Resident

“Andrea and I both serve on the board of the Haywood County Boys and Girls Club. I have seen first hand Andrea’s leadership skills and her passion for helping children. She’s tenacious and never backs away from a challenge. I also know Andrea will always stand up for schools, speak up for educators, and fight to make sure that our students have what they need to succeed. As a school board member, that’s important to me. I look forward to casting my vote for her.”

Gem Bell, Haywood County School Board Member

“As a nurse, I understand the relationship between access to affordable healthcare and health outcomes. Tennessee is one of a shrinking minority of states that has refused to expand Medicaid coverage, despite the hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans who can’t afford health insurance. I’m voting for Andrea because she cares about those forgotten Tennesseans and will fight to make sure they have the healthcare coverage they need.
Crystal Bell, Haywood County LPN

“Now, more than ever we need strong and wise leadership in Nashville and that is why I am voting for Andrea Bond Johnson as our State Representative from District 82. As a career military person and the son of a teacher, I know our nation’s security begins right here in our local public schools with a quality education producing men and women who can lead in war and peace, in the services, and back home in the community. Andrea knows that. And our schools will be a top priority for her.”
John "Glad" Castellaw; Crockett County Resident

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“As a teacher, I know firsthand that we must elect legislators that will stand up for public education and that's why I will be casting my ballot for Andrea Bond Johnson. She supports fully funding our schools and making sure teachers have the resources we need. I know she’ll oppose any efforts to divert money away from public education and will never vote for vouchers. I know she’ll be a strong voice for the citizens, educators and students of District 82 - that matters to me and that’s why I’m voting for Andrea.”

Cindy Currie, Haywood County Teacher

“I am a Republican and I’m proud to support Andrea Bond Johnson. I know that when she says she supports public education, it means she opposes vouchers and will fight for our schools. Integrity matters to me and I know that when Andrea makes a promise to the educators in District 82, she’ll keep it. She’s one of us. Anyone who knows her knows her to be honest and trustworthy. When she says her word is her bond, she means it.”
Allen Currie, Haywood County School Board Chair

"Andrea Bond Johnson has demonstrated her alliance with the people of District 82. Her unparalleled integrity coupled with a deep sense of empathy and compassion makes her the perfect candidate to represent the values of our community. A living wage, healthcare expansion, broadband internet access, affordable housing - these are the issues that show Andrea is not only the choice for our State House in 2020, but the choice for the future of Tennessee -for my generation and beyond. I proudly endorse Andrea Bond Johnson for the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Hayden Elrafei, Ripley High School Valedictorian '20, Dartmouth '24

"Every Tennessean should have access to quality medical care and Andrea Bond Johnson will work hard to make that a reality in every part of District 82 and throughout Tennessee."
Jim Emison, Retired Crockett County Lawyer

"This fall, I will be voting for Andrea Bond Johnson for state representative. As a school board member, I know how crucial it is that our schools receive the funding they need. Andrea not only opposes vouchers, but will fight to fully fund our schools and give our educators long overdue raises. We need someone with leadership experience and integrity representing us - someone who will stand up for public education and be a strong voice for the people of District 82. I know that's Andrea and I look forward to voting for her."
Olivia Farrington, Haywood County School Board Member

“With the spread of the coronavirus throughout our area, hospitals, clinics and medical personnel need strong, caring leadership in Nashville to guide us and provide us with the resources needed to care for all of the citizens in District 82. That’s why I’m voting for Andrea Bond Johnson to be our legislator and voice in the TN House. Tennesseans have suffered from the lack of Medicaid expansion for years. Now we are faced with a pandemic that places the medical community, its doctors, nurses and staffs at risk and patients in real danger. Andrea is aware of this. She will be an advocate for access to medical care for all of us.”
Brad Harrell, Nurse Practitioner, Lauderdale County resident

“Andrea and I met as WestStar Leadership classmates in 2010, and we have remained friends since that experience.  As superintendent of Haywood County Schools, I have seen Andrea’s support of public schools first hand.  If asked to serve, she shows up for our students and our community. Our district needs a representative aligned to its history of pro-public education and pro-people.  Andrea will be that representative for District 82.

Joey Hassell, Haywood County School Superintendent

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"I am supporting Andrea Bond Johnson for State Representative District 82. I am supporting her because of her strong values and convictions. She is a wife, a mom, community leader, and a person of faith. She believes that all people should have access to affordable healthcare, that our schools have the funding they need. She is committed to strengthening our infrastructure to bring jobs to the counties in District 82. Lastly, Andrea realizes that our state is facing a health crisis, an economic crisis, an education crisis, and an unemployment crisis, the list goes on. I believe she is the right person for such a time as this."

William Jarrett, Lauderdale County Pastor

“Care, concern, and the well-being for ALL the constituents of District 82 is paramount in the actions and activities of Andrea Bond Johnson! Her efforts toward making the lives of those of District 82 better makes her the perfect candidate for the House of Representatives; I completely support her in her effort.”

Kaye Jordon, Lauderdale County Commissioner

“I support Andrea Bond Johnson and her campaign for House District 82. I believe that her values, leadership, and vision will be great and transformational for the constituents of District 82. Now is the time to make some important decisions that will help highlight and empower the voices within our communities.”

Jerrel Little, Crockett County Commissioner

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“I’m excited about the upcoming election in November for many reasons, one of which is having the opportunity to vote for Andrea Bond Johnson as my State Representative.  Andrea has a plan that lines up with the needs of the people she’s going to represent. I’m very concerned with the lack of health care in rural communities, due to many of the local hospitals closing because of lack of funding.  I know that Andrea Bond Johnson will fight for quality health care in District 82, and I’m proud to give her my endorsement.”

Dabney Long, Bells Alderwoman

“A vote for Andrea Bond Johnson is a vote for public education. We need a representative who will lead and support all teachers and students. I am voting for Andrea Bond Johnson because classrooms deserve funding for appropriate resources and materials for students - especially those with disabilities. I am voting for Andrea Bond Johnson because she will say no to vouchers and yes to quality, public education. She will advocate for us and fight with us.”

Lauren Massongill, Special Education Teacher and Public School Advocate; Lauderdale County Resident

“I have known Andrea Bond Johnson for several years now and have known her parents for even longer.  Andrea is very family and community-oriented.  She is dependable, trustworthy and never stops working. She will be an excellent representative for the citizens of Crockett County in the Tennessee Legislature.”

Carolyn Nance, Crockett County Commissioner

"I am pleased to endorse Andrea Bond Johnson for State Representative. She recognizes the need for strong public schools, affordable healthcare, jobs and community involvement. Andrea is well known for her volunteer service and support for community groups, she has attended the Maury City picnic, she's very down to earth and approachable. She understands the challenges that public schools face and supports educators in strengthening public schools. Andrea is intelligent, articulate and knows how to listen to the concerns of all people. If you believe a leader should have these qualities then you should vote for for Andrea Bond Johnson."

Erica Nance, Maury City Alderwoman

“I am proud to support Andrea Bond Johnson in her race to represent District 82 in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She supports fully funding our public schools and she will keep her promise to oppose vouchers. When she says her word is her bond, I know she means it, and that matters to me.”

Betsy Reid, Haywood County School Board Member

"I support Andrea Bond Johnson because she understands what is important to the people of her district. Our citizens need a representative who will lead on the issues here in Tennessee instead of following party lines set in Nashville. We deserve someone willing to fight for better access to healthcare. We deserve someone who will work to bridge the digital divide in rural Tennessee. We deserve someone who will include classroom teachers and building administrators when planning the future of education in our state. We deserve Andrea Bond Johnson."
Melanie Sargent, Lauderdale County Teacher

"Andrea Bond Johnson will work for the people of Tennessee as a champion of public education, healthcare and the rights of all people. She will be concerned with the issues of people and not her caucus. A vote for her is a vote for yourself."
Representative Johnny Shaw, District 80

"As a retired teacher, Lauderdale County Commissioner and the Lauderdale County Community Engagement Coordinator for Save the Children, I know first hand the need for strong leadership. We must fight for the children of this area who deserve strong public schools, an economy that works for all, and a government that is fair and just. Andrea Bond Johnson is that kind of leader! I am proud to support her in the race for the House District 82 seat."
Debora Tyus, Lauderdale County Commissioner, Retired Teacher

“People run for office for different reasons, but I know that Andrea decided to run because she truly wants to help the people in our district. She’s the kind of person that sees something that's not right and gets to work doing something about it. Andrea is also very committed to public education and making certain our schools, teachers, and students have what they need to succeed. Too often, it feels like rural schools are overlooked in Nashville. Andrea won’t overlook them. She’ll always stand up for the schools and educators in District 82.”
Greg Vanstory, Haywood County School Board Member

“As a retired educator of 44 years in public education it is vital that I vote my values, therefore, I will be voting for Andrea Bond Johnson for Tennessee State Representative for District 82. Andrea is thoughtful, compassionate, listens, engages, and advocates for all people. She passionately believes in and supports public education. She is the voice we need to advocate for our public schools, students, parents, and teachers. Join me by casting your vote for Andrea Bond Johnson.”

Marjorie Vaulx, Retired principal, Haywood County Schools

“Now is the time for us to elect Andrea Bond Johnson! As the child of teachers and as a teacher myself, I know the impact of education on our children and our district. Quality education is important for our children’s future. We cannot let them down by ignoring their needs in the classroom. We need to fully fund public education in this state! Andrea Bond Johnson knows this and she will fight for our students, teachers, and public education. She will help us improve education so that our students are prepared for their future! I know she will be a strong supporter of public education and that’s why I am voting for Andrea for District 82 State Representative.”

Laura Webb, Lauderdale County Teacher